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Benefits are provided for VIP buyers(Blue Birds) who are the target of
the Sourcing Fair in biz-matching consultation and the others

Target Sectors

  • Overseas distribution buyers

    Buying, consignment sales, reverse direct purchase

  • Offline store managers

    Large marts, franchises, pop-up stores, individual shops

  • Corporate Branding and Promotion Departments

    Public institutions, general companies, brand marketers

Blue Birds Offers

  • Biz-matching schedule
  • Lodging expenses
  • COEX Mall lunch coupons
  • VIP Kits·Badges
  • Contact Points of Seller
  • 2025 VIP Priority

How to Register

  • Buyer registration
  • Select the type of industry and desired transaction
  • Sourcing Fair will inform VIP buyer selection
  • Pre-exhibition (around November) Biz Matching Application and Check the matching schedule
  • Offline Biz Matching Counseling session
    (Dec. 04 10:30~17:15, Dec. 06 10:30~16:15)

*VIP buyers are selected through review by the Sourcing Fair secretariat, and selection may be canceled if qualification requirements are not met.

Contact Us

Contact Sourcing Fair Secretariat for inquires about the use of Sourcing Fair services.
Tel. +82 2 6000 8152 E-mail. sipremium.info@coex.co.kr